PRO-Yield: Costs

The PRO-Yield program utilizes cross-channel communications to help you communicate directly with your accepted students on topics that are important to you and to them. The goal is to create ongoing engagement and allow you to learn more about your accepted students while they are learning about you. Utilizing direct mail, email, (texting if desired) and a highly personalized and variable accepted student page, New Reach Media can help maximize your yield efforts. We will work with you and your team to develop a program that fits the needs of your institution.

Based on a sample accepted student pool of 1500 an example PRO-Yield Program could include:

PRO-Yield Personalized Accepted Student Landing Page:  $9,900.00    

  • Backed up by our PRO-CRM
  • Display Responsive
  • Daily Reporting on site activity (understand what is important to your students and who is engaged and who is not)
  • Up to 5-7 sections included (NRM will work with you to develop content and format)


  • Welcome section (include “pulse surveys” to learn more about your admitted students)
  • Meet your counselor (personalized to show only hat students counselor)
  • Missing documentation (can include links to those documents)
  • Upcoming events or deadlines (can include inks to registration forms)
  • Videos
  • Facts/information about your institution


Postcards: (1 mailing to 1500 names):  $1,316.00

  • 6in. x 9in., 4/4 full-color
  • Personalized with variable content (text & images)
  • Barcode tracking
  • CASS Certification and NCOA check on all data
  • Introduce them to their personal page            


Email Communications: (4 emails to 1500 names):  $1220.00

  • Display and mobile responsive
  • Variable, including text, images, subject lines, and sender
  • NRM will develop a template or work with an existing template
  • Tested in 70+ environments (inboxes, webmail browsers, & mobile)    
  • Ongoing opportunities to touch base with your accepted pool


  •  Introduce them to their page
  •  Request missing documentation
  •  Event or registration information/invitation
  •  Promote survey questions
  •  Promote a student video


Total:  $12,436.00*


*Price to be adjusted based on actual quantity of mail and email.