Increasing Conversion with PRO-Yield

Our Approach

Each prospective student has her or his own desires and expectations about attending college. That’s why New Reach Media’s Personal Relationship Optimization (PRO) approach to student communications enables you to engage students around the things that are important to them.

It’s not a one-message fits all approach, but rather tailored messaging built around a student’s profile or persona, and where he or she might be on the enrollment path. Our integrated, cross-channel platform of mail, email, text and personalized dynamic landing page engages students around the things that matter most to them while also enabling you to learn more about their individual concerns, preferences and commitments.

PRO provides richer, more engaging communications with the students that illustrate the personal attention and care they will receive on your small college campus. It also allows you to better understand where each student is on the path to enrollment since individual student interactions with the landing page are tracked and compiled. This data is passed on to the respective counselors daily so that appropriate and timely action can be taken when needed, allowing them to work smarter and more efficiently.

Another benefit of the PRO-Yield program is that all data collected through interactions with accepted students can be updated to your current CRM or EMS.

It’s a win-win scenario – better for the students, and better for your admissions office and counselors. That’s the PRO-Yield benefit!

Click here to see a sample PRO-Yield Admitted Student Page

PRO-Yield Components

PRO-Yield utilizes highly personalized communications focused specifically towards the appropriate next step toward enrollment for individual accepted students. The primary components are:

  • A Personalized Accepted Students Webpage
  • A Direct Mail Piece
  • A Series of Email Communications

Personalized Accepted Students Webpage:

A recent EAB study (10 Practices for Improved Yield Communications) states that having an "Optimized Admitted Student Website" is one of the best ways to impact student engagement. We couldn't agree more.

To help small colleges better meet this need, New Reach Media’s PRO-Yield provides a highly personalized and variable landing page that communicates directly with accepted student on the topics that are important to them and to you.  These pages are accessed via a Personal URL (PURL) and backed up by our PRO-CRM, giving you the ability to tailor the page and its content to the needs and interests of your individual accepted students.

This display-responsive landing page supports your direct communications and promotes a learning relationship with your accepted students.  PURLs allow us to know who is visiting their page, helping you know who is engaged and alternatively who is not. "Pulse" surveys give you a chance to ask questions and help you understand what is important to your prospects.  The goal is to learn more about them as they learn more about you.

Just like any accepted student page you can let them know what is happening on campus, what upcoming events they may be interested in and what materials need to be submitted.  The advantage of a PRO-Yield page is that we can personalize it to the individual, identifying specifically what forms or information you need and informing them of events that are pertinent to them.

Direct Mail Piece

Our proposed PRO-Yield program includes a fully variable, personalized direct mail piece to the accepted student pool to promote interaction with their personalized landing pages. This message includes an introduction of the landing page along with an appropriate individualized call to action. It is also another touchpoint between your institution and accepted students and their families. The call to action can address needed materials, upcoming events, or whatever is important to convey at the time of mailing.

Features of the proposed direct mail piece include:

  • 6in. x 9in., 4/4 full-color postcard
  • NRM will help design or replicate an existing template 
  • Personalized with variable content (text & images)
  • Barcode tracking
  • CASS Certification and NCOA check on all data
  • Non-profit postage optimized for delivery date and locations

Click here to learn more about our direct mail services.

Email Communications

A series of email communications further cultivates relationships and directs recipients to timely calls to action on their individual landing pages. Messaging is personal and relevant to the specific needs and stage of enrollment of the individual students. New Reach Media will develop an email template complementary of the landing page, or work with existing templates you may already be using if preferred.

All PRO-Messaging emails are:​

  • Highly personalized to the individual based on available data
  • Display and mobile responsive
  • Variable, including text, images, subject lines, and sender
  • Tested in 70+ environments (inboxes, webmail browsers, & mobile)    
  • Ongoing opportunities to deepen engagement with accepted students and evaluate their level of commitment to your institution
  • Tracked and reports made available on metrics such as deliverability, opens, unsubscribes, clicks, click to open, etc.

Types of emails can include:

  • Engagement through introduction to the personalized landing page
  • Request for missing documentation or forms required for enrollment
  • Visit or orientation information/invitation/registration
  • Invitation to answer a brief survey or update profile
  • Promotion to a student life or other video of interest

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