The nexus of our PRO strategy is a personalized, campaign-specific PRO-Microsite.

A PRO-Microsite is developed to facilitate the personalized direct communications of your marketing initiatives as well as promote and cultivate learning relationships with your audience. The utilization of personalized URLs enables all visitors to experience individualized content that is specific to them to help foster greater engagement.

Unlike an institutional website that has to be many things to many people, a microsite’s content is limited and discrete, specific to the individual visitor and directed toward influencing that individual's perception and actions to meet the campaign objectives. The limited content reduces distractions to keep the microsite visitor focused to achieve better completion of calls-to-action.

Nearly 50% of all microsite visits are from a mobile device.

Tailor-made sites that are display and mobile responsive

Sites are tailor-made for each client, frequently replicating the look and feel of your existing website or, if desired, creating a new look to engage your audience. New Reach Media works with clients to design and develop content for the microsite and we host the site on our servers.

Historically, nearly 50% of microsite visits are from a mobile device, and each year the number gets higher. Therefore, New Reach Media works from a “mobile-first” philosophy. Our microsites are designed to be mobile-friendly and display-responsive, ensuring the site renders correctly regardless of the device being utilized to view it. To accommodate this, we employ a “single page” format, allowing users to scroll or use buttons to move up or down the page. Additional “back pages” are added to cover topics that require more extensive information and to host forms and applications.

PRO-CRM and Data Management

Data is the fuel that powers our PRO platform and that is especially true of the PRO-Microsite. Behind each site is our PRO-CRM. This CRM platform is a configurable and customizable relationship database built on an extensive, open-source CRM. It maintains the individual records and data that support the microsite. These records control the content (copy and graphics) that microsite visitors view on their individual sites as well as other services such as automated marketing messages.

PRO-CRM also provides discrete reporting for your staff on visitors’ activities. Daily, management-focused overview reports inform how the microsite is being utilized and help determine how effective marketing initiatives are. Information such as number of site visitors, new versus returning visitors, number of Applications or Visit Requests submitted, as well as information on the daily and cumulative engagement rate is included in the reporting. Additionally, daily counselor reports can be sent to each of your counselors, showing which of their prospects have visited the site and what they did. This enables your staff to better direct their time and efforts.

Our customized PRO-CRM sits behind each PRO-Microsite installation, maintaining the individual records and data behind the site.

All forms are pre-populated with any relevant information that is in the database.

Pre-populated forms

New Reach Media's PRO-Microsites provide the option to host a variety of forms including visit day or event registrations, requests for information, and contact information updates. All forms are pre-populated with any relevant information that is in the database, again reinforcing the “personal touch” that the PRO platform creates. Our pre-populated forms are a time-saver and streamline the process, making it easier for a user to complete the form and increasing conversion.

We also provide a “VIP Application.” This is a streamlined and pre-populated application for admission that is developed specifically for your institution. It simplifies the admission process and allows you to get students into the system quickly and easily.

All forms are customizable to meet your needs. They are mobile and display responsive and can include automated and personalized email confirmations. Data collected in webforms and applications can be easily exported to be appended to an existing database or CRM via a variety of procedures, assuring the data stays in sync.