Engaging students these days requires communicating with messages that are both relevant and meaningful to each individual. No longer does a one-size-fits-all message meet the expectations of prospects; each student wants to know specifically why your college should matter to her or him.

New Reach Media’s PRO-Messaging combines the cross-channel flexibility and reach of email, direct mail and texting to deliver authentic, personalized communications that are on target, on message and on time.

And, let’s not forget: A necessity for effective communication campaigns is accurate, reliable data. Our intensive and ongoing data cleansing, standardization and maintenance of client lists provides critical support for the successful delivery and desired impact of communications sent through PRO-Messaging channels.


  • Expert execution of
    personalized email blasts
  • Intensive data management
  • Compelling design and copy
  • Pre-launch testing, refinement and review
  • A/B testing
  • Iterative “Re-Launch” sending
  • Complete tracking & reporting


Email is an important element of the PRO-Messaging approach. Recent surveys indicate that 97% of prospective students use email weekly to engage with schools.

Not all email is created equal. New Reach Media’s PRO-Messaging platform provides small colleges with one of the most sophisticated email options on the market. By personalizing messages based on key variables such as student academic/athletic interest, enrollment stage, counselor information, etc., PRO-Messaging email campaigns effectively target the right students, with the right message, at the right time, to encourage their next step in the enrollment journey.

In addition to its powerful reach and targeting capabilities, email also remains one of the most economical communication channels. According to the Campaign Monitor, for every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI.

direct mail

Studies confirm that students and their families still express a preference for direct mail as part of the application process. Having a vibrant, data-driven direct mail strategy can be key to recruitment success. PRO-Messaging provides small colleges sophisticated, variable, digital and offset printing options combined with accurate, economical mailing services to keep mailings impactful, but within budget.

Each direct mail campaign begins with list cleansing and developing clear target lists for the campaign with appropriate variables for personalization. The direct mail pieces can then be produced with 4-color, variable printing (both copy and graphics) that can reflect student academic/athletic interest, enrollment stage, counselor information, etc. Finally, PRO-Messaging clients enjoy the benefit of highly competitive pricing resulting from New Reach Media’s long-standing relationship with a national printing and mailing organization.


  • Robust data processing
  • Precise design/copy development
  • Expedited regional mail drops
  • Best price postage
  • NRM experience and expertise
  • Mail tracking and reporting



  • Sophisticated Technology & Data Management
  • Carefully crafted copy
  • Timely/actionable reporting


Texting is rapidly gaining ground in our client’s communication plans and PRO-Messaging provides small colleges with a powerful, personalized bulk texting solution that delivers event-based/deadline reminders or updates. Built within our PRO-CRM and delivered through a leading, international texting platform, messages can be personalized with relevant information, and are delivered from a client-specific cell number. Each bulk message comes with a customizable, automatic response text to encourage dialog and action. When paired with PRO-Messaging email and direct mail services, texting is an excellent channel to connect with prospective students on medium that they understand and prefer.