Losing at-risk students?

Identification is the first step to remediating at-risk students. With PRO-Analytics you can combine data from multiple separate applications and sources (dorm check-in times, class attendance, paperwork status, grade progress reports, etc.) to help identify the redundancy of “at-risk behaviors” a student may exhibit into a single, easy to interpret view.

The graphs below illustrate how this information can be combined and presented in a single visualization to make identification of such students easy.

And, with PRO-Analytics these insights are presented as ongoing automated systems that collect and present complex data streams in one, easy to view dashboard. It’s the future of student retention management and enhancing student success.

PRO-Analytics sample drill-down

Introducing: Higher Intelligence for Higher Education/em>

Welcome to a new world - a world where you don’t have to rely on your gut to make decisions that will impact the future of your small college; a world where your data can come alive and be integrated across silos to provide you new actionable insights; a world where you can make decisions with confidence, at the speed of now!

Introducing PRO-Analytics ­­– a sophisticated, cloud-based, business intelligence platform for small colleges. Powered by Domo, the new leader in business intelligence solutions, PRO-Analytics can change the future of your small college.

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