Looking at data “in all the wrong places?”

Say goodbye to running down rows and columns in multiple reports and say hello to instant insights.

PRO-Analytics brings all your data into a functional, “one-stop” dashboard. Quickly you see the big picture, while having the power to drill into your data in a variety of ways to identify opportunities for action.

The graphs below illustrate why spreadsheets are quickly becoming a thing of the past. PRO-Analytics brings all your data into a single dashboard that can quickly provide you the answers you need at a glance.

PRO-Analytics sample drill-down

Introducing: Higher Intelligence for Higher Education

Welcome to a new world - a world where you don’t have to rely on your gut to make decisions that will impact the future of your small college; a world where your data can come alive and be integrated across silos to provide you new actionable insights; a world where you can make decisions with confidence, at the speed of now!

Introducing PRO-Analytics ­­– a sophisticated, cloud-based, business intelligence platform for small colleges. Powered by Domo, the new leader in business intelligence solutions, PRO-Analytics can change the future of your small college.

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