Dealing with data-phobia?

As the amount of data available to your institution continues to rise, don’t let your organization be overwhelmed by it. Now there’s a better way! PRO-Analytics will provide you with a new paradigm – “Higher Intelligence for Higher Education.”

With PRO-Analytics you can start growing new solutions from all that fertile data. Cultivate a new culture that uses data to find the answers to the questions that will shape the future of your college. It won’t have be a gut call anymore. Decisions, and solutions, will spring and thrive from analyzing your data.

Browse the graphs below to see how PRO-Analytics can help you leverage data to bring new insights and increase your institution's effectiveness, efficiency and economy. Goodbye data-phobia, hello data-champion.

PRO-Analytics sample drill-down

Introducing: Higher Intelligence for Higher Education

Welcome to a new world - a world where you don’t have to rely on your gut to make decisions that will impact the future of your small college; a world where your data can come alive and be integrated across silos to provide you new actionable insights; a world where you can make decisions with confidence, at the speed of now!

Introducing PRO-Analytics ­­– a sophisticated, cloud-based, business intelligence platform for small colleges. Powered by Domo, the new leader in business intelligence solutions, PRO-Analytics can change the future of your small college.

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