Buying nonproductive search names?

Buying search names is a major expense for most private colleges. PRO-Analytics can help you better target your list selection through advanced data-analytics to identify not just "good fit" students, but students with a proclivity to matriculate. While there are no silver bullets, having a precise understanding of the unconsidered factors that lead to enrollment puts you in the driver’s seat of your search.

Explore the graphs below to see the level of geo-tracking possible when analyzing student conversion for search buys (just one of the many powerful visual analytic tools available within PRO-Analytics).

PRO-Analytics sample drill-down

Introducing: Higher Intelligence for Higher Education

Welcome to a new world - a world where you don’t have to rely on your gut to make decisions that will impact the future of your small college; a world where your data can come alive and be integrated across silos to provide you new actionable insights; a world where you can make decisions with confidence, at the speed of now!

Introducing PRO-Analytics ­­– a sophisticated, cloud-based, business intelligence platform for small colleges. Powered by Domo, the new leader in business intelligence solutions, PRO-Analytics can change the future of your small college.

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