Our leading article this month examines the barriers that keep data-driven strategies from getting executed. The top four are: lack of real-time data, lack of technology, inadequate budget, and a lack of customer focus.

If you face similar challenges at your institution, then you may be interested in PRO-Analytics. PRO-Analytics passes all four barrier tests and is the first solution designed to give small college leaders like you the visual data-insights you need to optimize your recruitment efforts.

Welcome to the March edition of our monthly “High Five” newsletter. As a refresher, every month we gather and send you five articles that we hope can provide you with new ideas and strategies on how to most effectively recruit students at New Reach Media. We draw these articles from leading sources outside of Higher Education in order to provide you with additional perspectives that you may not find in most Higher Ed newsletters.

Please enjoy the insights and tips below.

Matt Leonard

Marketing Communications Specialist

Dear Reader, I’ll be quick because you’re either in the 19% that actually reads, or my 8 seconds is ticking... When you consider that the average human attention span is 8 seconds, it’s clear that capturing and keeping the attention of your prospects can be a significant challenge.
If reader engagement is a predictor of trending recruitment communication strategies in 2017, then here are some topics you’ll need to consider: 1. Is Snapchat really the way to reach teens??? 2. Original video content can be crucial and easy to create. 3. Give your Gen Z students unique online experiences if you want to attract their attention.

Welcome to the SPCI Insight Blog! Our goal in these posts is to analyze the SPCI data set and share quick, interesting facts and insights with you as they relate to student recruitment and retention. (If you're new to the SPCI or need a refresher, click here to read our introduction blog.) We hope you benefit from the discussion below and encourage you to let us know if there is a specific question or topic you would like us to address.

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“People have access to amazing, so no one wants to settle for average.” This is just one of many helpful points to consider in the insightful video interview below that can give you new perspective on how to engage your Gen Z prospective students.
“60% of organizations see that customer service will be the top source of competitive differentiation in the next three years.” – The Service Council Are the admissions experiences at your institution giving you a competitive advantage, or disadvantage?
Please pay particular attention to the video explaining the power of sending “How-To” emails. As you start communicating with new prospective students, this could be a great way to gain their attention and build your brand at your institution.

Dear small college enrollment professional,

You know that you and your small, private institution face different enrollment challenges compared to your larger, and often public, counterparts.

In fact, when we examined the endowment comparison between the top 10 public institutions and the schools included in the SPC Index introduced below, the public schools enjoyed an advantage of—on average—a 3,538% higher endowment ($4.2 billion more).

No matter which way you slice it, high school seniors are busier, and more distracted than ever. According to Pew Research, 92% of teens report going online daily - including 24% who say they go online "almost constantly." Make sure your recruitment message isn't getting lost in all the online clutter...


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