March Marketing Calendars: Creative ideas to reach prospective students.

What a month for opportunities on a college campus.  Whether you consider yourself creative or logistical, you and your office can have an impact on student recruitment by getting innovative in your marketing efforts.  Below is a calendar designed to get your creative enrollment activities started.   

March 8 – International Women’s Day

Celebrate women.  There are so many ways to celebrate women and to show prospective students the role women play in their college education.  Whether a peer, a faculty member, a staff member or beyond, featuring women in your recruitment efforts show your desire to recognize and celebrate women in higher education.


  • Highlight women in your office on social media
  • Research successful women in your community, university or state and highlight their successes.  Feature these women in your prospective student communication campaigns.
  • Create a poster series highlighting women of influence at your university.  Display these in local high schools and all over your campus.

March 14 – National Pi Day

Campuses across the country have had tremendous fun with this day. 


  • Develop an acronym for P.I.E. and create a social media post advertising how much fun you have with PI day. 

Example:  Partners in Education (PIE)
Example:  Partners in Excellence (PIE)
Example:  Prospect, Inform, Entertain (PIE)
Example:  Plug Into Education (PIE)

  • Host a PIE visit. At the end of the visit, prospective students get to gently place a pie in the face of their admissions counselor.

Other March Dates to consider:

  • March 10

    – Middle Name Pride Day, send a communication to students highlighting their middle name
  • March 12

    – Plant a Flower Day, beautify your campus with fresh flowers planted by prospective students
  • March 17

    – St. Patrick’s Day, create a unique communication that will have prospective students “green” with envy that they have not applied to your school yet
  • March 19

    – 1st Day of Spring, enjoy the outdoors and host an event on your campus grounds
  • March 23

    – National Puppy Day, host a dog therapy “meet and greet” during an open house
  • March 26

    – Make up your own Holiday day, since you can create your own Holiday today, make today a day to celebrate your university.

Be among the trend setters and be creative in your recruitment efforts with our Magnificent March ideas.

-Troy Moldenhauer, VP for Client Success

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