Doing More With Less

A recent article in Target Marketing caught my eye, as it echoed what we at New Reach Media have been advocating for years. The title of the article is, “You're Spending Too Much: Cast a Smaller Net for Bigger Returns With Personalized Marketing.”

We have always advocated that small colleges can be more effective, efficient and economical in recruiting students by using analytics for better prospect targeting, and then personalizing marketing and communications to those higher probability targets based on their individual interests and preferences. That’s what our Personal Relationship Optimization (PRO) engagement platform with PRO-Analytics has been designed to achieve.

While this article is directed at business in general, it makes some good points for small college enrollment managers to consider -

“If we really knew what we were doing, and your goal was for 400 new freshmen, then we’d buy 400 names, you’d get 400 applications, and 400 new freshmen would show up in the fall…” - Craig Jenkins on The Calculus of Student Enrollment


The Calculus of Student Enrollment