October's High Five Briefing

Can your institution do a better job of leveraging data to improve student recruitment and marketing success? Our lead article from Brand Quarterly explains how an analytics platform will help improve your marketing results.

The other four articles this month—plus last month’s most read article—also provide you with insights and strategies to enhance your search efforts.

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Combining advance analytics with marketing best practices can lead your institution to greater heights.

How To Use Data To Drive Your Marketing Campaign’s Creative

"The trick is marrying digital and creative into one seamless marketing campaign... Using analytics to identify specific groups of customers can help marketing teams ensure that messaging and branding are tailored to each audience.”

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Customer Delight Is Better Than Marketing

Customer Delight Is Better Than Marketing

"We often think of disruption coming from new products, the way computers seemed to. "Here's this thing we never had before, and it changes everything." But in reality, disruption comes from changes in service. It's the new, easier way to do things that creates customer delight ... and disruption."

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Click to view an infographic on how emails are delivered to your prospective students.

Email Delivery: How it Works and Why it Fails [Infographic]

"Ever wondered what happens to your email campaigns after they are sent? This infographic will explain why some emails are delivered to the inbox while others get deleted or fall in spam."

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Do you know the desires your prospects have, and are you speaking to those desires?

In the battle to change people's minds, desires come before facts

"Emotions are much more powerful in changing minds and action than pure data,” admits Sharot... Knowing your targets desires is far more important when it comes to influencing them, than the facts."

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Read to understand how Gen-Z prefers to receive information.

Unidays on why brands should ‘assume nothing’ with Gen Z

"Rathour’s key advice for brands looking to engage Gen Z is to assume nothing... The other key thing about Gen Z is that they’re happy to share about themselves, but what they do expect is that you listen to them and act on it, serving them a personalised experience as a result.”

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Here is our most read article from last month.

Read to see what matters to Gen-Z in advertising.

Gen Z: The New Destination Disruptors

"[Gen Z and Millennials] don’t want to observe a movement or conversation–they want to be a part of it,” she said... We need to constantly be ahead of the curve by working with a generation that can disrupt things at the click of a button.”

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