September High Five

You have to give young people what they want to see or you’ll seem out of touch." That’s an opinion proffered in the lead article below. Do you agree?

One thing is for certain. We don't grow without change. This month’s High Five articles will hopefully challenge your status quo and help you refine your recruitment communications to engage more prospective students. (And, don’t miss last month’s most read article at the bottom.)

Matt Leonard

Director of Marketing Communications


Read to see what matters to Gen-Z in advertising.

Gen Z: The New Destination Disruptors

"[Gen Z and Millennials] don’t want to observe a movement or conversation–they want to be a part of it,” she said... We need to constantly be ahead of the curve by working with a generation that can disrupt things at the click of a button.”

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Where do you stack up against these benchmarks?

The Ultimate Email Marketing Cheat Sheet: Facts, Stats, and Actions [Infographic]

"Personalization increases conversion rates by 10%, the graphic says, and also be sure to set up triggered or automated campaigns, which have significantly higher open, click, and transaction rates than business-as-usual emails."

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Do you have a system for rewarding prospective students for positive action taken?

The Psychology of Rewards

"Extrinsic motivation, or our behavior which is driven by the anticipation of being rewarded by others for engaging in specific behaviors, drives much of the choices we make in life — how we perform our jobs and what products we chose to buy."

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How to use video in social media.

Everything You Need to Know About Using Video in Social Marketing [Infographic]

"64% say watching a marketing video on Facebook has influenced a purchase decision in the last month"

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How to win the inbox in 35 characters or less

Building Your Best Subject Line

"The report found that... emails containing subject lines based on other personalized attributes experienced a 22% average open rate, a 3.8% average click rate, and a 17.5% average click-to-open rate.”

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Here is our most read article from last month.

What would "hyper-personalization" look like at your institution?

Why Marketers Need to Wow Entitled Customers With Next-Level Personalization

"Today’s entitled customers are upsetting the power dynamics of the marketing world. Amplified by social media and hyper-connected to their peers, they are heard above the marketing chatter. Their voices can sink campaigns, render brands uncool forever. And...”

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Engagement Marketing for Small Colleges



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