August High Five

What constitutes “amazing” customer experiences in 2017 is... a new breed of hyper-personalization that puts the customer’s individual preferences, history, and current situation at the center of every contact with a brand. - Selligent

Everyone wants to be amazing. But, sometimes it can feel like “amazing” is a moving target, especially when it comes to the level of personalization your prospects expect from you.

With personalization being at the heart of our approach to enrollment engagement, we’ve tailored this month's High Five to provide you with key insights and tips to help you move the needle forward in your personalization efforts at your institution.

Matt Leonard

Director of Marketing Communications


What would "hyper-personalization" look like at your institution?

Why Marketers Need to Wow Entitled Customers With Next-Level Personalization

"Today’s entitled customers are upsetting the power dynamics of the marketing world. Amplified by social media and hyper-connected to their peers, they are heard above the marketing chatter. Their voices can sink campaigns, render brands uncool forever. And...”

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What 2 Billion User Journeys Tell Us About Personalization [Infographic]

"What the numbers reveal: customers want personalization and marketers are striving to provide it, but what actually works?"

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How are you balancing your personalization efforts?

Personalization: What’s in It for the Customers?

"Personalization should be gentle nudges toward relevant products and services for the customers, and it should never be bombardments of seller-centric marketing messages through all imaginable channels..."

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Are your messages coming from a person, or your institution? Something to test...

It Should Feel Like it's Coming From a Human

"It's sometimes easy to get lost in the data," said Jim Specht, "to get consumed by the data; and forget that we're conversing with people. Not just customers, not just data-points: people."

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Read to see how personalization will benefit your admissions efforts.

Personalization: What’s in it for me?

"As marketers, everything we do should be focused on its effect on the end customer. We want them to interact with us when reading a newsletter, visiting a website or purchasing from us. So we need to make sure that how, when and what we are communicating is correct for them–it captures their attention and makes them feel valued.”

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Here is our most read article from last month.

How to Click With Generation Z

"They’ve gone through life with a mobile device in their hands. Tech-savvy and gadget-happy, they account for approximately 2 billion of the world’s population. Meet Generation Z.”

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