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Do your enrollment messages communicate with a "human voice" to your prospective students?

Regardless of the type of message you send, one key to cutting through the noise in your recruitment messaging is to avoid copy that is full of marketing jargon. By writing with a person in mind, you change the nature of how your language is crafted, and the reader is much more likely to forge a personal association with your message — and your institution.

Our lead article shares insights on how to write purposefully with a "human voice." We hope it, along with the other articles below, can provide ideas and strategies that will help you create stronger connections with your prospective students.

Matt Leonard

Director of Marketing Communications


Follow these tips to ensure you're using a personal messaging tone with your prospects.

Does Your Copy Have a 'Human' Voice?
Or a 'Copywriter’s' Voice?

"The other day I got an email from someone I hadn’t heard from in a while. The subject line was a casual “Hey Gary.” Wow, I thought! I haven’t heard from this person in a long time, so I eagerly opened the email...”

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Are you creating prospective student experiences that speak to their emotions?

‘Emotion Is The New Currency Of Experience,’ Adobe’s VP Of Strategy Tells Summit Participants

"Emotion is the new currency of experience,” Mellor said. “Marketers love experiences, we love developing them for our brands, and customers love them too. They’re meaningful because..."

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Delighting your prospective students can help keep your enrollment numbers strong.

The Key to Effective Direct Mail Is Communication

"Too many times marketers are so focused on design that they lose sight of the importance of good copy. They end up with direct mail copywriting that is talking at someone instead of to them..."

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Where do you stand on utilizing data-driven marketing?

The State of Data-Driven Marketing

"Only 8% of respondents claimed to deploy true one-on-one personalization in marketing communications, the largest segment (35%) going only as far as "Hello, first name." Significantly, 92% claimed that data management was a top priority for the year. "

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Follow these tips to ensure your admissions site is optimized for today's user expectations.

4 Considerations for Optimizing Your Website

"No matter how good your website is, it can probably be better. At Boston's Content Marketing Conference (CMC) in April, I sat down with a few experts to get their top tips on website optimization. Here's some of what they had to say...”

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Here is our most read article from last month.

Click to read how a data-centric approach should define how you recruit students.

Data-Centricity Is The Basis For True Customer Experience Design

"It’ll be budget well-spent, enabling companies to “classify customers into more granular segments, use analytics to allocate resources more effectively, and comparatively benchmark operations to identify outliers,”

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