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65% of people have an emotional connection with a brand because the brand makes them feel “like they care about people like me.”

As you seek to turn your applicant pool into deposited students that enroll this yield season, finding ways to strengthen the emotional connection with those prospects could be the key to swaying their final decision in favor of your institution.

Our lead link shares valuable insights into the factors that lead to that positive emotional connection. We hope it, along with the other articles below, can provide ideas and strategies that will help you bring in a strong incoming class this summer.

Matt Leonard

Director of Marketing Communications


Forging an emotional connection requires authentic, helpful communications. Click to learn how.

Consumers Connecting With Companies

"As more and more data become available about how businesses connect with customers, it’s apparent the emotional bond companies form with consumers is one of the biggest keys to creating a lifetime customer.”

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Take this fun quiz to see where your strengths and weakness are as a communicator. Share it with your staff!

[Quiz] How Good Are Your Communication Skills?

"If you want to be an expert communicator, you need to be effective at all points in the communication process... are you communicating effectively? Take this short quiz to find out."

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Delighting your prospective students can help keep your enrollment numbers strong.

Skyrockets In Flight: ‘Customer Delight’ Is The New Business KPI

"“Customer delight builds loyalty and results in repurchase behaviour. It also helps raise the competitive barrier for rivals wanting to poach your customers.”"

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Getting the right cadence can be the difference between being helpful, or annoying.

Repeat Message as Needed

"This message repetition is known as “cadence.” Getting this right can be every bit as important as sending the right message. The goal is to reach the customer no more than necessary."

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Click to read how a data-centric approach should define how you recruit students.

Data-Centricity Is The Basis For True Customer Experience Design

"It’ll be budget well-spent, enabling companies to “classify customers into more granular segments, use analytics to allocate resources more effectively, and comparatively benchmark operations to identify outliers,”

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Here is our most read article from last month.
Click to see how this strategy can help bring clarity to your messaging.

The Positive Psychology of NO CHOICE 

"When asked why he always wore grey or blue suits, Barack Obama responded that he had enough other choices to make so this was a choice he could choose not to make. And per psychology studies, this was a smart choice."
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Engagement Marketing for Small Colleges



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