April High Five

Our leading article this month examines the barriers that keep data-driven strategies from getting executed. The top four are: lack of real-time data, lack of technology, inadequate budget, and a lack of customer focus.

If you face similar challenges at your institution, then you may be interested in PRO-Analytics. PRO-Analytics passes all four barrier tests and is the first solution designed to give small college leaders like you the visual data-insights you need to optimize your recruitment efforts.

We trust the other articles will also provide you with new ideas and strategies to implement at your institution during this yield season.

Matt Leonard

Marketing Communications Specialist


Shake up your email game with this tactic.

4 Obstacles that Prevent Marketers from Executing Their Data-Driven Strategies

"The importance of delivering a data-driven, high-value experience is no secret to the marketing community; however, there's a big difference between creating a data-driven strategy and actually executing one…”

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Video is a powerful tool to connect with your prospective students, here are some tips.

Your Brain on Video: Use Emotions to Tell Your Brand Story [Infographic]

"...having a strategy for your content is crucial for connecting to—and converting—your viewers. Having a clear concept of what tone to take before you start creating is also key."

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You could be causing stress for your prospects and their families unintentionally if you're presenting them with too many choices.

The Positive Psychology of NO CHOICE

" When asked why he always wore grey or blue suits, Barack Obama responded that he had enough other choices to make so this was a choice he could choose not to make. And per psychology studies, this was a smart choice."

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This infographic lays out the top email trends for 2017 in a fun and insightful manner.

Email Trends for 2017: A Vision for the Future

"It is an age of personalized emails. One wrong move and you risk to lose a subscriber who shall unsubscribe. Customized content based on preferences such as location, age, sex, purchase history, user engagement, device info, etc. shall enable marketers to cater to large audience effortlessly."

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It's time to move beyond, "Dear <first_name>" to enhance engagement with all your communications.

Should You Really Bother With Personalization?

"Personalization alone doesn’t add enough value. And the reason is that personalization without relevancy doesn’t work... "

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Here is our most read article from last month.
Follow these tips to decrease the chance of your prospects hitting the unsubscribe button.
5 Copywriting Tips to Reduce Email Unsubscribes
"Email strategy and copywriting could use improvement, according to a recent survey where consumers revealed reasons why they unsubscribe from emails... Today, I share five tips to reduce email unsubscribes."
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