November High Five

People have access to amazing, so no one wants to settle for average.

This is just one of many helpful points to consider in the insightful video interview below that can give you new perspective on how to engage your Gen Z prospective students.

The Gen Z conversation picks up around 2:25 if you want to fast forward, but you might find some value in watching the whole thing—it’s just over 5 minutes. And of course, we trust that the other articles can provide some new ideas to help you boost recruitment at your institution. (You can also view last month's most read article at the bottom of this email.)

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Gen Z students have grown up with technology and they have specific expectations from brands.
Jamie Gutfreund Talks Gen Z and the Future of Marketing
"Gen Z in particular are very discerning consumers… They’re going to do their research, they’re going to find the best product, they’re going to do an enormous amount of listening to see how other people are talking about products… and they’re going to make decisions based on the value they perceive in the product."
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Follow these tips to enhance the engagement of your print communications.
3 Ways to Make Your Postcards Stand Out
"There are many printing techniques that can help you get noticed in the mail. Take the time to learn about..."
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Is cognitive bias keeping you from communicating in a relevant manner with your audience?
How to Defeat Your Most Dangerous Writing Habit: 7 Ways to Lift 'The Curse of Knowledge'
"If you’re “Cursed,” then you are unable to imagine what it’s like not to know or understand something... which, in turn, makes it hard to communicate that knowledge to less-informed people."
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Your subject line is the first thing seen in the inbox, follow these tips to optimize your impact.
How WeddingWire Chooses the Perfect Subject Line
"Coming up with a compelling and effective subject line can be challenging. ...we have formalized the perfect subject line selection process for our marketing emails. We call it the VALUE framework.”
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Far from dying, email remains the top choice for prospective students in receiving communication from brands.
Survey: Email Is Evolving And Time Spent With It Is Growing
"According to the “Adobe Email Survey 2016,” which surveyed over 1,000 white-collar Americans, time spent with email is up 17% year over year (YoY). Millennials—consumers ages 18 to 34—spend the most time with email of any age group and rely primarily on their smartphones (90%) to do so..."
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Here is our most read article from last month.
Effective conversion stems from a positive experience that matches the message a prospect receives in their mailbox/inbox.
Why Experiential Is the Heart of Branding
""When you add something for people to see, hear, taste and do at the forefront of your messaging, you are creating a positive memory that is much more powerful than an ad alone. It becomes a moment..."
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