October High Five

60% of organizations see that customer service will be the top source of competitive differentiation in the next three years.” – The Service Council

Are the admissions experiences at your institution giving you a competitive advantage, or disadvantage?

From conversations with a counselor to each encounter during a campus visit, every human interaction a prospective student has with your institution is an experience that defines your brand among your competitors. The lead article from this month's High Five discusses why creating positive experiences is essential to connecting with your prospects. We hope the insights it and the other articles provide will help you find new ways to boost your fall enrollment efforts.

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Effective conversion stems from a positive experience that matches the message a prospect receives in their mailbox/inbox.
Why Experiential Is the Heart of Branding
"When you add something for people to see, hear, taste and do at the forefront of your messaging, you are creating a positive memory that is much more powerful than an ad alone. It becomes a moment..."
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Patagonia's "Don't buy this jacket" campaign is a perfect example of corporate responsibility resulting in profit.
How to Engage When Customers Don’t Give a Damn (or Dime) About What You Say
"Today, nobody listens and, more importantly, nobody cares. Consumers care about actions and many of their choices are based upon the old adage of 'actions are louder than words.'"
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Not all emails are created the same. Use these strategies to stand out in the inbox.
The 5 Elements of a Perfect Sales Email [Infographic]
"But it’s time to ditch the mindset that an email is “just” an email. You don’t need to treat each one like your own personal Magna Carta, but you do need to put time and attention into crafting a concise, direct message that’ll get your prospect to take action."
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From increasing the quality of your social media posts to creating promotional videos, these guidelines are extremely simple and useful.
Phone Photography 101: How to Take Good Pictures With Your Phone
"...thanks to our mobile devices and the editing apps that come with them, we can now take high quality photos and edit them without too many bells and whistles -- all from the same device that we use to make calls.”"
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Follow these tips to effectively reach your prospect with a powerful, physical communication from your institution.
3 Often Untapped Direct Mail Format Advantages
"...don’t assume Millennials are uninterested and unresponsive to direct mail. Research shows that, while Millennials receive less mail overall, they spend more time sorting it and are more active consumers of what they receive."
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Here is our most read article from last month.
If you're not already using Snapchat in your recruitment strategy, here are some insights to consider.
15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Snapchat
"Snapchat is gaining in popularity among younger demographics who are increasingly turning to the platform to escape their Facebook-fond parents."
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