September High Five

Maybe it’s because August is a big vacation month, or maybe I didn’t spend as much time reading last month as we prepared to launch our Small Private College Index here at New Reach Media. Regardless, this month’s High Five only includes four articles from August that we considered worth your time.

That said, please pay particular attention to the video explaining the power of sending “How-To” emails. As you start communicating with new prospective students, this could be a great way to gain their attention and build your brand at your institution.

Happy reading,
Matthew Leonard
Marketing Communications Specialist


Email Powered With How-To Content
"Engaging content comes in many forms, including instructions that show a customer how to do something. Join Who’s Mailing What’s Paul Bobnak as he looks at how three marketers use email to provide something useful to their customers."
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Six Essentials for Good Storytelling
"You've got 8.25 seconds to make them care. That's right, humans now have a shorter average attention span than a goldfish's. So, you need to answer the customer's "what's in it for me?" or "why should I care?" questions—like pronto."
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15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Snapchat
"Snapchat is gaining in popularity among younger demographics who are increasingly turning to the platform to escape their Facebook-fond parents."
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The Power of Focused Direct Mail
"When you create a direct mail piece where all 4 elements above are synchronized, that is powerfully focused direct mail. It draws attention and elicits a response. So many times we see poor planning lead to bad direct mail — don’t fall into that trap..."
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Here is our most read article from last month.
The Psychology of Successfully Marketing to Millennials [Infographic]
"Want to know more about Millennials and how to market to them? Here's a look at vital stats about this demographic—and info about how best to reach it."
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Engagement Marketing for Small Colleges