What Do Visitors Remember About Your Brand?

We sometimes forget how important a seemingly trivial interaction can be in creating one's perception of a brand. Having taken a few college tours lately, it is obvious to me that this is an area that can stand some attention and refinement at a few small colleges. Let me say that I am less than impressed with the tour guide that seems more involved in some Facetime conversation on his or her phone than are in providing real face time to the visitors (that's me) entrusted to them. For a small college that extolls the benefits of personal attention, such behavior creates a glaring inconsistency in that brand message. 

In any case, here is a short article (not about colleges - instead, a travel anecdote) that does a good job of making the point that brands have many faces. What kind of a job are the faces on your campus doing to make your college brand memorable in a positive way?  http://www.targetmarketingmag.com/post/whos-face-brand/